Ruth Gray, our founder and Broker, started working along side her mother-in-law and Realtor, Carolyn Gray, in Southeastern Michigan.

Will go down in history as the Great Real Estate Crash in America.  This was a devastating time for any one in the Real Estate Industry and every homeowner in America.

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Lastly, when it isn't just the right time to buy a home you may want to rent a home long-term.  Owners can have the peace of mind with our 5 point system to screen potential tenants.  Tenants will have one stop shopping to have the first opportunity to the homes in high demand.



Ruth Gray

Broker Owner

Ruth reaches her first milestone as a Multi-million dollar producer with Prudential Real Estate and maintains that status for many years in Central Michigan and Southeastern Michigan.


Property Coordinator


Ruth Gray risks it all, quits her successful career working at a Fortune 500 company as an Account Manager and goes for it!  Within less than one month, it is clear she has made the right decision.

Gray & Associates Real Estate Services is founded by Ruth Gray after selling over 30 Million in real estate over 2 decades and is bringing premier real estate services to those wanting all that "home" has to offer.


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our experience - 20 years in the making


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together we get moving

Everyone remembers the first house they moved into because the nostalgia of that home is a piece of your identity.

Everyone remembers the way "home" felt and dreams of a home like that!


At Gray & Associates Real Estate Services, we understand the importance of that special place.  We make sure you're incredibly happy with buying or selling and connect you with an agent that will find the property that fits your stage of your life.


We do more than just help you sell or buy.  We are working with you as a partner. We go above and beyond to help you reach your goals!